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According to design requirements,there are many kinds of surface treatments.

Such as: glossy oil,glossy UV oil, matt & blister varnishing, PP matt&glossy lamination, Laser film, touching oil, soft touch film, Logo embossed & debossed,metallic foil stamping, power dusting.

Glossy Oil(Right)

Water-based, environmental friendly, non-toxic,used for the surface finishing. It improve the gloss of the print and prevent surface damage and dirt. Widely used for paper boxes,hangtags, publications, trademark and paper cards.

Matt Varnish (Left)

Water-based, environmental friendly, non-toxic,and prevents surface damage and dirt. Improves the effect of the texture, shows the quality of the printing. Widely used for paper boxes,hangtags, publications, trademark and paper cards.

UV Oil

Water-based, environmental, non-toxic,has good abrasion, water resistance and dirt resistance. It ismore glossy than ordinary glossy oil. It helps to improve the grade and appeal of products. Widely used for paper boxes,hangtags, publications, trademark and paper cards.

OPP Glossy(Matt) Film

OPP film is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic,the surface is very shining and smooth. It improves the gloss and firmness of the print and helps prolong the life of the print. OPP film has protection of damp-proof, waterproof, dirt-resistant,sturdy, and corrosion resistant.The surface with matt film looks more sophisticated.

Blister Varnish

Water-based, environmental, non-toxic,good permeability. It has strong suction for PVC,PET and OPP. 
Widely used for packaging of toys, small electronic products, plastic product, daily 
necessities, hardware, cosmetics.

Laser Film

Laser film has high safety and security feature and it has vivid color. The dynamic 3D effect has colors of red, yellow, blue, green, violet. It is used for customized design ,orcombined with other materials such as paper, plastic and leather.It can also be process with ginning, hot stamping and printing.

Touch Film

Touch film has high performance of anti-scratch and wear-resistance. It offers an unique sense of touch like soft peach skin feel and suede. People (especially women and children) loves its natural characteristics.

Touch Oil

Water-based, environmental, non-toxic,used for surface treatment of the high-end products. It gives paper’s surface a lubricative hand feeling of silk and velvet,greatly improve the product surface and the grade,It offers people (especially women and children) with a sense of natural feeling.


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