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  • Common materials for color box packaging

    In life, we will see all kinds of color box packaging. Do you know what material they are mainly made of? What are the characteristics of each? Let me introduce you:   1. Coated paper:   coated paper, also known as printed coated paper, is made by coating a layer of white wax paper on the base paper Read More

  • Factors affecting color box packaging Guanze

    Color box packaging is now widely used, and the packaging of basic products is inseparable from it. It can not only promote the product, but also protect the product. Its colorful appearance is our main choice, so the appearance is very important. The gloss of the packaging also determines the quali Read More

  • Relevant knowledge of the packaging box

    Packaging boxes are boxes used to package products. They can be classified by materials such as: wooden boxes, cartons, cloth boxes, leather boxes, iron boxes, corrugated packaging boxes, etc., and can also be classified by product names such as: gift boxes, Wine box, chocolate box, pencil box, food Read More

  • Several key points that need to be paid attention to in packaging box design!

    The product needs to be in good condition during the transportation process, so there is the product packaging box. With its slow development, the packaging box is not only for protecting the product, but also for promotion and use. A good packaging Box design needs to pay attention to many aspects. Read More






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