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Several key points that need to be paid attention to in packaging box design!

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The product needs to be in good condition during the transportation process, so there is the product packaging box. With its slow development, the packaging box is not only for protecting the product, but also for promotion and use. A good packaging Box design needs to pay attention to many aspects. 

1. Production. While ensuring the safety and perfect shape of the packaging box design, it is necessary to consider whether the design can achieve precise, rapid, and mass production, and whether it can facilitate the rapid and accurate processing, molding, packing and sealing of the box by the workers.

2. Humanization. Excellent packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition and sales of goods, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. For this reason, when designing commodity packaging boxes, the proportion of the box structure must be reasonable, the structure is rigorous, and the shape is exquisite. The focus is on the shape and material beauty of the box shape, the beauty of contrast and coordination, the beauty of rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve the packaging box. The box-shaped structure has complete functions and exquisite appearance, so it is suitable for production, sales and even use. Common commodity packaging box structures mainly include handbag type, hanging type, open type, window type, closed type or a combination of several forms.

3. Security. Ensuring the safety of goods and consumers is the most fundamental starting point for packaging box design. When designing product packaging, safety protection measures for storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying, and use should be considered according to the attributes of the product. Different products may require different packaging materials. Special attention should be paid to the sun protection, moisture resistance, corrosion protection, and protection of the product. Leak-proof and flame-proof issues ensure that the goods are intact under any circumstances.

4. Promotion. The packaging box design of the product is a silent advertisement and salesman for the product. If the packaging design of the product can attract the attention of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy, then this design is successful.

5. Environmental protection. In the trend of eco-environmental protection. People began to advocate green packaging and reasonable consumption. Only the product packaging box design that does not damage people's health and does not pollute the environment can become the final choice of consumers.

6. A sense of art. Products with high artistic value are more likely to attract consumers' attention, bring beauty to people, and gain consumers' favor.






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