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Factors affecting color box packaging Guanze

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Color box packaging is now widely used, and the packaging of basic products is inseparable from it. It can not only promote the product, but also protect the product. Its colorful appearance is our main choice, so the appearance is very important. The gloss of the packaging also determines the quality of the packaging. So what are the factors that affect gloss?

   1. Ink will affect the hardness of the gloss of printing and packaging, mainly the smoothness of the ink film, which depends on the nature and quantity of the binder.

   2. The glossiness of the color box packaging has a great relationship with the roughness of the appearance of the object. The higher the roughness, the more light is reflected. If the light scattering principle is used, the appearance is smooth and smooth, and the gloss is high.

   3. Printing pressure is the key to imprint processing. If the pressure is too high, the imprint will gradually expand and the gloss will deteriorate.

   color box packaging, we must pay attention to the control of the production process, good production technology and quality supervision can make our packaging products better.

   Product color box packaging is the communication bridge between the product, the enterprise and the customer audience, and it is also the prominent image, advantage, use value and other information that the company delivers to the customer audience. So product packaging is very important.






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